Why Do Socks Have All the Fun?

Good question.

I see socks getting dragged all over the place.  Why just the sock?  Why not, say, the tank top?

Never one to discriminate, I'm taking my tank along as I travel through Boston.

Next stop, Chinatown:


Chinatown is a hip-hop-happening place, and it's difficult to find an angle that wasn't somehow obscured by trucks and cars.  I don't know much about the history of this gateway, sorry to say, so I can't tell you anything about it.

This is knitting up quickly, even when I take pains to avoid twisting the ribbon yarn.  I'm already at the middle of the waist, even though I cast on only yesterday morning.


My-oh-my! Your fingers fly, don they not?!

BTW, thanks for the feedback on the twisting yarn situation.

Great picture. And you're right...why SHOULD socks have all the fun?

What a well traveled swatch!

I agree, not just socks...bring it all! Love that colour!


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