What's All This?

Ah, the Fourth of July.  It's easily my favorite holiday.  There's nothing to do but kick back outside, barbecue, and maybe catch some fireworks later.  Hope that everyone who is celebrating is having a great day. 

Meanwhile, back to the knitting....

A Good Yarn did not disappoint.  I was able to scope out a few sample balls for my latest design experiment:


I was going to label the photo, but three of the four yarn labels are visible anyway.  What's what:

Euroflax Linen: 100 percent linen, 6sts/1 in on 3.25-3.5mm (US 3-5)

Rowan 4 Ply Soft: 100 percent wool, 7sts/1 in on 3.25mm (US 3)

GGH Scarlett:  100 percent cotton, 5.5sts/1 in on 3.504.5  (approx US 5)

Debbie Bliss Cathay:  50 percent cotton, 35 percent viscose microfiber, 15 percent silk, 5.5sts/1 in on 3.75mm (US 5)

The really unexpected buys were the Rowan 4 Ply and the GGH Scarlett.  I'm very excited by the Euroflax and the GGH, less so by the Cathay and the 4 Ply.  For some reason the Euroflax and the GGH seem more unusual to me, and I'm in the mood for some unusual fibers.

AGY does not sock and bamboo--another possibility for this project.  But I know a place that does....


Happy 4th to you, too, Colleen! Nice yarn haul there!

lovely colors..
happy 4th

Interesting yarns - I've only 'seen' the Rowan yarn. I look forward to hearing what you make of the others, Cathay especially seems highly rated.


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