Time for One More?

Georgie is completely ignoring my swatch!


This Takhi Capri, a large-gauge cotton ribbon which I picked up from Julia's stash.  As Kathy so wisely commented last weekend, I need a quick, simple (but lovely) project to help me refocus my knitting.

What's it going to be?  I cannot pass up the coincidence of Baccarat's appearance on the pattern scene just as I was having thoughts about the exact same thing!  I'll need to adjust for gauge, and probably modify the back to account so that I will not run out of yarn.  Otherwise, I think that this soft ribbon will work well.

This is very exciting!  Don't you think so, George?  George!?  George?  Oh, well, it's no use :-).


That yarn will look great for that tank--great color and nice texture--I just love that pattern too...

Have a good one~

George is such a stiff. I've passed him many times, and he ALWAYS ignores me. I can't figure what is with him.

Such a summery color! We in blogland won't ignore THAT.

That is so weird! I can't believe you were wanting to design that and then, there it is on magknits!! I think it will look very nice - can't wait to see it done.

It was meant to be, go with it! That color is so vibrant in the sun - its going to look stellar in a tank.

All I could think of when you said "don't you think so, George," was Hugo the Abominable Snowman...

Looking forward to seeing the tank!

I think it's going to be perfect even though George obviously has other fish to fry.

That George has a one-track mind. You need to stand in front of him to get any attention, he ignores you if you're to his side!

LOVE the color!

I think that your swatch wants to go on a swan ride :) Look forward to seeing this new project.

Can't wait to see this refocusing project! I love the colour...

I'm so happy to see other knits besides socks get to visit interesting places.

Was it the Yarn Harlot who started all the traveling that our knitting seems to do? *grin* I personally get a huge kick out of finding out where the socks and sweaters and other items go and what their general attitude is at the time.

P.S. Oh, and why George is blissfully ignoring the alluring stitchery so near to him? He's a man -- probably thinking about football! ;o)

Ain't I a sexist pig ...

It looks so great on your needles. Mine, well, it just never seemed right. I bet it will be a fabulous tank. (There is actually enough there to knit a sleeveless turtleneck, so go nuts).

Great color! I've totally fallen into the various shades of green this year.

My question is, how do you manage to keep your ribbon yarn from twisting? Or do you not have this problem, oh wise one?

I'm like Georgie?!? He's with me! What's he doing with you?

By the way, isn't that the George near Boston Gardens? Right near where we stayed. Of course, I took a picture of MY George in front of YOUR George.


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