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After I looked at the picture of my scribbled adjustments in Saturday's post, I thought that I might have intimidated a few of you.  Please be assured, it's not beyond anyone to adjust and customize a pattern:


See, that doesn't look too difficult now.  After I determined that my preliminary adjustments were correct, I recopied them onto a clean sheet.  Ah, now they make sense!


So I'm glancing through my new VK and I'm reading this article on Knitting Technology and honestly thinking of you, when THERE YOU ARE! Name in bright lights and everything! So fun!

You know what, I think you need to write up some articles for Knitty or something. I'm not kidding. Can I hire you to adjust my patterns?

still looks scary to me. When I do adjustments or write patterns, I do it all in shorthand. The prob. is I think I only write about 50% of what I'm thinking and always end up leaving stuff out.. so scary might be better

hey, i gotta get that vk! and ditto on the knitty article.


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