Tank Gets DONE

I finished the front of the tank.


Okay, this confirms my suspicions.  The Shapely Tank Top is my very favorite tank-top pattern!  It's proportions are wonderful, excellent BSC, a good armhole shape, and it's very easy to plan for modifications.  Here, as you might know, I added to and changed the position of the shortrow shaping to accommodate my bust.  I also changed the straight neckline to a v-neck on both sides.  I incorporated the same edging that I used for the v-neck of my Spring Breeze Top as I knit both the neck and armholes.

From now on, no matter what tank I knit, I'll use the Shapely as a foundation, for sizing and shaping, and modify any pattern to those dimensions.

Surprisingly, this Tahki Capri doesn't suffer from the same problem that I have had with other ribbon yarns.  Mainly, it's not so difficult to keep it from twisting.  I'm not sure if that's a property of the fiber (cotton), the way that the ribbon is manufactured (itself a knitted tube), or the center-pull ball.    When I knit, I made sure to keep the ball stationary so that the yarn couldn't twist itself.  Still, more than once I had to stop and let the yarn unwind.


Nice job! I'm not totally in love with knitting ribbon, but this one looks great...I found Katia ribbon to be very tough on my hands and very twisty.

Looks fabulous. I love the short row shaping...I really want to do this.

I'm always so in awe of your technical knowledge with knitting. I couldn't make modifications to save my life. And all the short row shaping! You're a genius.

Um, when do classes start? Can I be first on the list?

Looks fabulous!! Would you share your mods when it's done? I love the v-neck. And the color. I'll sign up for that class too . . .

Love it! It looks great!

Your tank is looking great! Thanks for the pattern recommendation -- it's always a treat to find a well written pattern that's easy to modify. I've never knit bust darts before and you now have me curious!?

Looks great! Just a matter of time until the front has a matching back. That will be exciting, I can't wait to see the V in the back :). Did you end up shortening the length of the armholes?

That tank is coming along swimmingly :) I love the green. A friend of mine is making the Shapely Tank too and is so happy with the pattern as well. Perhaps I should look into it too :)

Your tank top is progressing fantastically. I truly dig that color.

That will be done by the weekend at your rate.

That looks fab! You're inspiring me to finish mine. Sigh.

I have a tank in the same Katia capri that I am unhappy about. Maybe I'll frog it and reincarnate it as a shapely one. It looks great!


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