Sometimes You Get to Buy Yarn

Yes, and isn't it fun?

As some of you might have suspected, I couldn't wait too long to begin scheming and planning for Baccarat Player.  The first task was to settle on a yarn.  Luckily, Circles is on my way home from work.   I buzzed by last week to pick Allison's brain about appropriate yarn substitutions for the Artyarns Baccarat.  I have nothing against the yarn.  Subway Knitter is, however, taking some time off from using ribbon yarns, and lately she's on a natural-fiber kick.  These circumstances call for yarn substitution.

What to use instead?  Allison had a few suggestions, and I eagerly observed her thought process.  It goes to show that a little while spent in the knowledgeable hands of your LYS can be time well spent.  Allison pointed to a few details in the pattern which I had missed and which, if I knit the pattern as written, would not work well for me.

The first question Allison asked: what type of fabric does Baccarat produce at the pattern's gauge? Good question.  Grabbing a skein of the South West Trading Company's Oasis, a yarn with a similar gauge as Baccarat, Allison knit a little swatch.  Knit at the pattern's gauge the fabric was much too loose and lacy for the look that I sought.  You would need a loose and lacy fabric in order to get this type of yarn to drape into a cowl.  I hadn't thought about that.  Allison, of course, knew this instinctively.

Okay, back to the drawing board.  How about knitting everything but the cowl in SWTC's Phoenix, and changing to the Oasis for the cowl?  It was an interesting idea, but neither of us was confident that the yarn transition would look seamless.

We knew that idea wouldn't work for me.  How about changing the pattern's gauge to accommodate a thinner yarn?  The drape would be there, and the fabric would be dense enough to cover my midsection sufficiently.  Allison drew my attention to the Karabella Vintage Cotton, a yarn that I have never failed to fondle every time I have visited the shop.  We might be on our way to a solution!

I fell in love with colorway 300; unfortunately Allison had only five balls in stock.  Not to fear!  It was time to break out of my cool-color rut anyway.  I quickly found colorway 330, a sherbet-y terracotta that will work well with blues and browns.


Yes, I think that we're on to something here.


I love the thought process that goes into substituting yarn, its never as simple as it seems is it? I find it intriguing... Love the colour as well BTW.

What a great yarn-purchasing story! I wish I lived near circles and could consult with Allison!

Why, that is almost ORANGE!

Just sayin'.

Wow! I love the color.

great color...where were you yesterday...we missed you!

The orange people are getting to me. My first thought was it is a great color! My second thought was that I couldn't POSSIBLY be thinking that about something that even LOOKED orange. And then I realized. I've been brainwashed.

Fantanstic color and yarn choice! And I'm with you on putting the ribbon yarn to bed for a while.

Knit on, Colleen!

I love that color! Can't wait to see how this turns out.

Mmmm. Love that color!

And, I too fondle that yarn very time I stop at Circles. MUST get some. :-)

YOu can't have too much orange! EVER!


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