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Could it be the weather?

My knitting has been unfocused since I put the needles down on Madeleine.  It's not that I'm without inspiration, it's that I'm in need of direction.  Perhaps it's time to make some excitement of my own.

After getting scooped on the whole cowl-neck idea (and, really, that Baccarat Player tank is a beauty--I couldn't have done better) I retrenched.  I have ideas, I have yarns to try, but at the moment, I seem to lack for sketching ability.


Those are just little doodles, which I made while talking on the phone.  Unlike Grumperina, whose sketches make me think that she moonlights as a fashion designer.  This neuroscience business of hers is one big coverup.



Yeah ... thanks to the link to the magknits pattern. I wonder why I couldn't reach it myself in magknits!

You're too sweet, thanks :). The neuroscience thing is for real, fashion and knit design is a much tougher market in which I have no formal training, hehe... I look forward to whatever you doodle up!

Also, it sounds like you need a fairly simple, but totally kick-ass project to get your groove back on :). Something a little more sophisticated than the little baggie and the baby sweater, but easier than designing your own stuff from scratch :). It will let you keep your sanity between the measuring and the sketching.


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