Rainy Nights and Blah Days

They gave me little excuse not to knit last week.  When the project is as cute as can be, the combination leads to some fast knitting:


Here's Daisy, all knit and ready for a blocking.  I enjoyed the pattern.  Throughout I made two major alterations.  First, I adjusted the pattern for a different gauge (4.25sts/1 in) and used the SSK/sl 1, k 1, psso decrease pair throughout, instead of the K2Tog decrease that the pattern specifies.

Here's a closeup of the yarn, ala Cara:


Except that Cara's photo would be bright, and bursting with color.  I love the blue, green, and pink flecks combined with the khaki.  It's perfect for a mystery baby.

Stephanie suggests the consumption of chocolate once the knitting is finished.  Well, since I'm not making this with a hood, I'm now off to do just that before I block and seam.  This week is going to be a blocking and finishing par-tay.  Stay tuned!


Looks cute, can't wait to see it all finished up!

Very nice! I love that yarn...fantastic colours.

Still so damn adorable!

That yarn is super-cute. It's adorable for baby without being cheesy.

What's your secret to figuring out how to change a pattern for a different gauge? Is there a good book out there that explains it? (Have I asked you this question before? I hope not. I'll feel really silly if I have.)

I love the color-flecked khaki as a baby neutral color; the yarn and your knitting look yummy together.

Quick question -- how do you get such sharp close-up photos; do you use a macro lens? I thought I had a good Kodak Easyshare digital camera, but it doesn't deliver the quality that yours does. *envy* ;o) I'd love details, if you don't mind. I'm getting an annual bonus soon and am contemplating a desperately needed new computer, some yarn purchases, and maybe a new camera if I can sneak one in there.

Just makes you want one of your own doesn't it....get up Colleen, quick someone pass the smelling salts!

yay, we love daisy!

Sounds like I didn't miss much in the way of weather last week, eh?


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