Party on the Blocking Board

It is a busy time for my blocking board.


There you see my swatches, the On The Moon purse, and Daisy.  All washed, pinned (where needed), and drying in this wonderfully warm summer air.

It'll be a finishing frenzy pretty soon.  Decisions must be made (How will I address the fastener issue for On The Moon? Which buttons are best for Daisy?) and swatches evaluated (Which yarn is best for this project?)  Time to get my knitting back on track!


I love that you've knit three swatches for the draping properties. I've been trying to convince my 14 yr-old daughter to knit swatches before she begins a project. You know all too well what you'll find in her room. BIG hats, LITTLE hats, etc. I'm going to show her your swatches on your blocking board. Then I'm going to see if she'll let me help her frog all those hats. (She's used beautiful yarn, too. Bought it with her own moneyat our LYS. I don't think she paid less than $8 a skein.) At lest she knits, right?

Wow, there *is* a party on your blocking board! You are my swatching inspiration :-)

I've never seen so much activity on a blocking board! Have fun with all that.


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