My First Hem

It's my first knitted hem!


I consulted Alison's NBaTS pattern and my copy of Vogue Knitting (do I really need to link here?) to learn the technique.  It's very easy to do, and the result is a flat, sophisticated edge.

Move over seed stitch.  The knitted hem might become my edging of choice.


I love knitted hems! have you tried going down two or three needle sizes to make the stitches on the inside draw in a bit? Makes a great technique even better - no flaring. I just used the hem on a cotton tank and it just made it look so very finished.

It is a wonderful finished edge. Loving it on my NBaT.

I did a knitted hem on the toddler sweater I'm currently working on - it's such a great, finished look, and so simple!

I've got a pattern in mind that calls for a knitted hem, and now I'm excited to try it!

Wild...I *just* finished the hem of my NBaT on the front. The back looks really cool. I bought some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran three years ago for something else that I don't want to make now and I'm using that. Sage green for the body, sort of a dark, dusty blue for the trim.

Nice hem! I did it on the hourglass sweater from last minute knitted gifts. I love the look of it.

are you knitting a figgin' hem swatch? i thought i had seen it all (your swatches that is)


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