Let's Go

...Bloglines.  Let's go!


You updated for me - two posts!

Hmm. Everytime you've said that you weren't updating with Bloglines, I saw you right there. Same now.

Me thinks it's purely a Typepad thing. Apparently we're so secure we can't even see it ourselves. They're still looking into it they tell me. Don't hold your breath says I!

Well, Bloglines says it's doing the big downtime sometime soon, so maybe they've got stuff to fix :-) You've been updated on mine, though...both posts.

Can't be as bad as about a week ago, Friday... when all of a sudden Bloglines reported updates for everyone! No matter whether they had posted something new or not! It was "fun" to sift through the supposed 200 new updates my 70 subscriptions had :\


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