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Readers of other blogs might be under the impression that I recently spent some time in NYC.  It's true.  Remember those travel plans that I mentioned a while back?  I had a long weekend in the Big Apple.

A long weekend, but not a lot of knitting time after Friday afternoon.  Fine by me!  It was too hot to play with sticks and string. 

Despite the limited time, I managed to knit and to seam On The Moon.  After seaming, it became clear to me that, despite the pattern's instructions, this thing needed a good blocking.


Blocking will give me time to decide how to address the handle and the fasteners.   I bought some buttons at The Point but I'm not convinced that the handle/button loop closure will be safe for a clutzy girl like myself.  The safest thing would be to use this purse like a clutch, so that nothing will fall out of the pockets.


I can't wait to see it all done - looks like a neat purse!

I'd love to see what the buttons look like...but yeah, I'm one of those "needs a clutch or all hell breaks loose" girls, too. I'd use the buttons for decoration, though, because I love a gorgeous button, even if it isn't doing its buttonly duty.

Back to your request for help on the Ann Taylor-esque shirt--have you seen this?
Hopefully it's helpful to you.

Somebody was faster and overly eager to let you know about the MagKnits surprise pattern!

Did it block out? Because I am not sure I can say in public what that reminded me of....

OK, now you'll know me for the adolescent I freely admit I am....


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