Knitblogging Power?

Apparently lots of us Typepadders are knitbloggers.  As part of Typepad's recent update, we received our very own "Special Interest" blog template:


So, is anyone planning on changing?  I'm not.


I think it's cute! Diana already has it - it's only a matter of time until Typepad incorporates nifty icons for finished objects, projects on the needles, technique links, etc... hehe

I've seen a couple out there already...atleast they offer ONE!

I saw that last week and giggled. I don't plan on changing but I love the fact that it's there.

Thanks for the image.. I heard that they added a knitting template last week, but since I'm not on Typepad, I couldn't for the life of me find an image of what it looked like! and now that I see it... not so impressed. I'm glad you're not changing over!

Eh. I'd rather make my own. :-)

Also, what is up with the darn referrer tool? Is anyone else having this issue? Each time I refresh, the numbers go DOWN. even if it hasn't been a full day...sometimes an hour later!


Very cool. Haven't checked it out yet, but will.

I saw it too, nice of them to have a go for us though!

I am new to typepad (and blogging) and have only one entry. Working on getting pictures up. I can't seem to find the new template, but now that I see the image, I may try to incorporate it.


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