Just in Time

Just in time for a mini-vacation, Shapely II is hanging out on the blocking board.


I wish that I knew how to completely avoid stretched stitches when I knit a V-neck.  It's quite noticeable on these pieces.  I scrunched both sides together for blocking purposes, but believe me, the stretch is there.  I need to figure out a way to pull both sides closer, or at least cover up the splay.

How about some ribbon?


I'll tie it in a bow.

That might be cute!


The ribbon matches the lady bugs from yesterday! Yes, it could definitely be cute :).

Beautiful! Just finishing left! Can't wait to see what it looks like on.

Thank you for visiting my blog. It made my day. Harry Potter 6 is awesome. Can't say any more. Don't trust myself not to give away anything.

That tank really did come together quickly!

As for the stretching you mentioned, I can't see it in the pic you posted. Do you mean where the neck starts at center front? If so, you may want to try leaving one stitch as a live stitch and tacking it down separately. It creates a bit more stability (as does weaving in the yarn ends there too)

it was definitely cute!

I read the post AFTER I saw the finished neckline. The ribbon worked perfectly. (You must have been thinking, "is she just being nice about this?"). No, it looks great.

I need to pick your brain on what guage you found worked well for this, thoughts? I think this would be perfect for my bag of this yarn too! ;)


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