It's Not Working

Well, after one swatch it became clear to me that my cowl-neck idea doesn't work too well.  My idea may not work too well, but Michelle Sorensen's design for a very similar cowl-neck tank works very well, indeed.  It looks wonderful!   I'm seriously considering it for the Tahki Capri which I picked up from Julia.  Thanks to all of you who pointed out the MagKnits surprise to me.

Guess what this means?   She designed it so now I don't have to.  Thanks Michelle!

Here's why I think that my idea for a shallower cowl wasn't getting off of the ground: in a sewn garment one has more control over the placement of folds and gathers.  As a result, the creator can plan where and how they fall.  Finally, no matter what the yarn, most woven fabrics have more drape than a knitted one.


Just ignore the shadow of my head in that photo. 

What I quickly discovered was that the extra fabric on top of my swatch only wanted to splay out in a giant gap and not gently scrunch and fold.  Sure, I could reposition the folds and creases every ten minutes, but how sustainable is that?  "Not very!" should be your answer.

In studying the design of the Union Square Pullover from the latest IK, I noticed that the fold in the middle is, essentially, a giant thumb gusset in the middle of the neckline.  It works perfectly in that design, but it's not exactly the look I have in mind (and if it were, I would just knit the darn thing and call it a day).

[By the way, there's a new Union Square Pullover KAL.  I'm so excited about this.  Before committing to knit that pullover myself, I want to see one finished in real life (or at least outside of a magazine shoot).]

All is not lost!  I gave myself an opportunity to buy some great new (to me, at least) yarns to swatch and try--something I almost never do.  Plus, Subway Knitter has another idea up her sleeve.   Now that I've been scooped on this one, it can be full speed ahead with the other!


I think it would work better in mercerized cotton, rayon, soy, bamboo - a plant fiber, one that is denser and drapier. You could maybe do something with alpaca, which doesn't have a lot of body. Alpaca silk - like the catalina worsted weight - might be good.

But as you say, if someone else designed it already, carpe pattern.

no, no, don't give up, it's not the same thing! I have a little idea... I am knitting a swatch right now, I'll let you know if it comes out as I want.

So many ideas, so little time! I know whatever's next will be great! And how did you like working with the linen? (I think that's what you have in that photo...)

I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

Colleen - I sat in a meeting yesterday morning with a woman wearing a knitted, cowl neck top! I'll bet she thought I was staring at a very personal part of her anatomy as I ws trying to figure out the shaping! Later I asked, but alas, it was not a handknit! It was silk in a gorgeous shade of blue and the drape was beautiful - it can be done. :)


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