I find color inspiration everywhere:


Let's file this one away, shall we?

Have you seen the Yarndex?  Probably I am the last one in Blogland to discover it.  What a great way to preview yarns and colorcards before trekking down to your LYS and bothering them about it.  I can make a few preliminary selections, and then visit my LYS to touch and buy.  Fantastic! I didn't know about this yarndex...THANKS! What a great site. Yes, those colour combos are fantastic!

How cool is the Yarndex?? I had no idea!! Thanks so much for posting that,

Love the combo, even though those are so not my colors. Just file it away for now :).

Okay, I didn't know about that either! Thanks for the link.

Had no idea about Yarndex either! Thanks for sharing!


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