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In case you haven't noticed this for yourself, Subway Knitter is, indeed, in between projects.  I thought that I'd take advantage of this situation and slip in a small project that (gasp!) is for someone else.

Oh yeah, you read all about knitters who knit constantly for other people.  Certainly I am glad to knit for anyone who asks me.  That's the catch: someone must ask.   And it doesn't end there.  Then that person has the responsibility to find a pleasing pattern and some yarn.  There's no way that I will ever burden anyone with a despised knitted item that the recipient feels compelled to keep for ever and ever and ever just because it was hand knit by yours truly.  Nope!  Nosiree!  That's not my style.

Then what, exactly, is my style?  How about a quick baby sweater for some neighbors who are expecting their first child sometime in August?


The pattern is the Daisy Sweater from none other than Stephanie.  The yarn is part of my take from the Knitsmiths' swap this spring.  A quick, light project with stash yarn.  This is perfect summer knitting.


That's a great idea! What a cute little sweater! Are you going to add the snakes?


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