Hold On!

Wait a sec....

After washing, drying, and measuring my swatch's gauge I began to do the math to adjust Baccarat to accommodate a larger stitch and row gauge.

After finishing all the calculations, I sat down to cast on.  Then it hit me.

When knit at this gauge in stockinette, Tahki Capri has absolutely no drape.  Why this realization is so recent to me is a mystery.  The yarn is soft, but it's still a rather bulky fabric.  Although I can get Baccarat to work with this yarn, I cannot get this yarn to work with the shaping and style of Baccarat.

So, I pulled out my pattern binder, and turned to a pattern that I know will work: the Shapely Tank Top, by Joan McGowan-Michael.  I knit this last summer and the result has become one of my wardrobe staples.


Of course, I'm not going to knit the pattern as written.  No, no, no!  First, I'm adjusting for both stitch and row gauge.  Then, I'll change the neckline and collar: a v-neck for both the front and back.  Finally, since I know more about shortrow shaping now than I did last year, I'll position the shortrows differently at the bust to accommodate my measurements (thank you Maggie Righetti!).


Oh, too bad! I was so excited to see what your Baccarat would look like.

Thanks so much for your interest in the design! I do hope that you will try knitting it sometime soon.

Good luck with the Shapely Tank Top. All of McGowan's patterns are truly beautiful!

I did wonder about the drape....great solution! I really need to study short row shaping so I can apply it to projects.

Very cool. I admire your technical expertise and ability to modify!


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