Full Circle

Remember February?

Yes, that month in winter when the weather wasn't quite so hot.  If you were in New York last February you saw these:


Such images dwell in my thoughts and resurface in other areas.  If you're in Boston this August, and you see me knitting, you'll see this:


Okay, the color of the Karabella Vintage Cotton is not identical (except when the swatch was wet, and then the match was perfect), but when I choose to break out of my cool-color rut, what's my pick?  Orange ("saffron" if we're to believe Christo) a color with which I was bombarded no more than six months ago.  Coincidence?  You decide.


oh yes! That colour is gorgeous! What are you going to make?

Thanks for making me remember that weekend - you were here and I was there - but we both had a great time, right? And the lunch was pretty damned good too.

when you visited the gates, did it remind you of swatches blowing in the wind?

Orange! Excellent choice.



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