I'll let those of you who have more experience with this book gush about it for me.


I am so pleased to get this volume into my knitting library at last.  I hope that it makes me a better designer, more thoughtful about the patterns from which I knit, and altogether more understanding of the knitting process.

Indeed, it might come in handy as I continue to explore the ideas developed from yesterday's post.  Thank you everyone for indulging my curiosity by leaving helpful comments.  A few of you indulged me further by exchanging private emails to flesh out ideas and concepts.  Thank you, thank you!

I can't write  much more abou the project now (not because I'm sworn to secrecy or anything, but because there isn't anything more to write at the moment).  I will say that I'm off to one of my LYSs later this morning for some serious yarn scoping.  I'm thinking that some plant fibers are in my future.  Nona?  How's the linen Tivoli going?


Interesting stuff - I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Love the book - although I'm not much of a designer. It will be pure gold in your hands though!

Can you believe I've yet to see a copy of that book? Looks like an amazon order needs to be placed soon!

I've never used this book either, but I'll be interested to hear about how you like it..

New one on me too. You read it, write us the patterns and we'll knit them!

It's a great book, just as her "Knitting in Plain English" is one of the best basic, learn to knit books, too. (Hey, that's the book that taught me to knit Continental style and about the wonders of circular knitting. I owe Maggie Righetti a lot!) GREAT addition to your library!!

Good choice. Righetti's book is full of thoughtful details about how to look at designs to see what will work and what will not. The Ann Taylor cowl neck is a very eye catching design -- it's also in a color that I adore -- so I think you should give it a shot! You might also look at Kate Gilbert's pullover on the cover of IK this season; the "flap neck" might give you some insight about how to create a cowl neck???


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