The Phoenix Soy Silk wasn't the only thing that I picked up at Circles.

Allison and I were talking about linen and tencel yarns.  She's getting some Pima Tencel stuff any day now (it might have arrived already) and she's considering Euroflax Linen.  I have not knit with either fiber, but I'm curious.

Allison, being the oh-so-generous knitter that she is, set me up with a leftover ball of some GGH Safari.  Now I can swatch with a linen yarn, just to see if I like knitting with the fiber.


Can I just encourage one and all to offer yarn leftovers to other knitters for swatching purposes?  It's like Secret Pal, but with a purpose and without all the secrecy.  Your yarn leftovers get put to a good use.  Another knitter saves money by trying a new yarn before committing to a project.  Good knitting karma abounds.  About a month ago I read about a similar exchange between Grumperina and Karma, and I immediately knew that this was a wonderful idea.


oooooh the blues in that yarn are so lovely. I hope you'll post a picture of the swatch. I agree, it's great to share little snippets of leftover yarn with someone who's interested in trying it out. Enjoy!

The leftover yarn exchange is a great idea!

I love your idea about trading and stuff. I know that shortly after she opened, Allison hosted a "stash Bash" where customers could come and trade yarns, and it was a lot of fun - there were odd balls and end bits, as well as a couple bags of yarn that were enough to make sweaters with. It was cool.

Oh, and the Pima/Tencel yarn is in. I've worked with it before, it is heavenly.

Great idea -- I'd be happy to share any leftover for swatching!! The blues in that yarn are gorgeous.


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