Daisy Gets Seamed!

Another thing to love about baby knits, the seaming is done in about an hour.  Witness:


Okay, granted, it's hard to convey time in a still photo.  Isn't it cute?  I love this sweater!  I was thinking that I'd do the collar in a different yarn, perhaps a green.  Now that it's seamed, I can see that a different yarn would look distractingly strange.

The search is on for the perfect buttons.  Melanie found hers.  Where will I find mine?  I'll give you one guess.


Fantastic! It looks gorgeous...I am sure you will find wonderful buttons there!

I love this little sweater. I'm about to cast on for my 3rd version. Have fun looking for buttons!

Cool! That was a quick one! Just a little bit of finishing remaining... looks great!

What a cute baby sweater -- I'm sure you'll be able to find the perfect buttons. By the way, is it possible to leave that amazing looking button store with ONLY the buttons you went in looking for?

Daisy surely is a very very cute sweater. The raglan is my favorite, especially for baby clothes.
C'est trop mignon !!! :-)

Aaaawwww, so cute!

Oh! I love that baby sweater! Would you tell me what yarn you used for it? It's wonderful!

It turned out very cute, can't wait to see the buttons on it.

That's an awfully cute little sweater - love the color flecks.

Love the sweater! And baby knits are awesome for near-instant gratification.

So cute! Looking forward to seeing what buttons you pick.

Ohhhh boy, Windsor button has an online store! Youpi! The sweater looks great :-)


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