Bloomin' Daisies

My version of Daisy is growing very quickly:


Once the raglan shaping begins, the end is in sight.  Hmm, I'm beginning to see the appeal of baby knits.  In addition to being so gosh-darn cute you want to eat them, they're gosh-darn quick.  I couldn't believe how fast I finished most of the body.  July began as a rather scattered month for me, knitting wise.  I need to regain control!  Before I consider other projects, I need to get this one finished.


That is so cute you want to eat it! Love the yarn choice.

Mighty cute! I have a few babies on the horizon (not my own), and I've been so giddy as I look through baby patterns! I love when it says, "3 skeins of such and such." 3 skeins! That's 3 days!


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