And the Winner Is....

The GGH Scarlett!


It was a tough call between the Euroflax Linen, the Debbie Bliss Cathay, and the GGH Scarlett.  All of these yarns are great, and now I want to knit a project with each :-).  In the end, I was quite taken by the slight sheen of the GGH mercerized cotton, and happier with the smaller gauge.  The sheen gives the swatch a more refined look, and the smaller gauge has a nice drape (not that the Cathay is the least bit stiff).  This yarn will be perfect for this project.

Also, and this is quite honestly a whim, I want a plant fiber for this knit.  The cotton it is!  Next stop will be one of my LYSs to examine color cards and plan the perfect knit!

Now, on to the math....


Isn't it fun swatching and planning?! That Scarlett is a nice yarn. I'm looking for a project to use as an excuse to get some myself. And PS - I'm loving the Cathay I got! ;0)


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