All Done

Here's my ribbon tank, with the V-neck ribbon tied in a bow.


I like it.  It's definitely a wear-to-the-beach kind of tank, which is a good thing because that's where I am right now.


It is incredibly cute, ribbon bow and all! Congrats!

Hope you're having fun, tank girl. Yup. That's what I'm calling you now. What number is this? ;-)

(Actually, I'm just jealous because I can't really wear tanks - boob issues and all.)

Colleen -- It was great to see you the other night -- the tank is even more beautiful in person! I love the ribbon....

Lovely tank! And what a great day to be at the beach! We will be suffering in the hot old city without you.

that was fast! Love it!

Very cute! Love the bow. Jealous that you are at the beach.

The bow totally makes it! So fab. I am green with envy.

Very nice, love the purty little bow.

How much do I covet that tank? Very much, thank you. Soooo adorable! So beachy.

On the beach? Enjoy and don't forget the sunscreen! ;)

Absolutely adorable! I love the ribbon.

the ribbon bow in the front is the perfect finishing touch. congratulations!

btw, i love the green. mmm, greeeeeeen. even better, chartreuse! mmm.

Love the color! The sheer ribbon is the perfect touch.

Oh come now, that tank looked INCREDIBLE on you, to have a picture of it lying flat like that just doesn't do it justice. Let's see those curves, Miss Shapely!!

Have fun in the sun in your summery tank, love the way the ribbon matches.

I love the summery tank and the sweet little bow you added!

So cute! I love the kickin' lime color!

Love it. It's beautiful and the color is great!


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