All Buttoned Up

What would I do without Windsor Button?

Probably, I would make do with buttons that would be far less cute than these.


They're green lady bugs!  So, that means Daisy is complete.  I'm very happy with the results, and I hope that the soon-to-be parents are as well.  Don't you think that I need a hat, or something, to go with the sweater, since I did not knit the hood?

Yes, I thought so too.


Oh yes, I love those cute are they!? A hat would finish it off lovely. Will it be of the same yarn or one to compliment the buttons?

Those buttons are fantastic! Too cute.

Yay! Too cute!

Thanks for giving me a link that is sure to fire up another obsession! What great buttons.

Very cute and I love the yarn you used.

Those buttons are too cute for words! Windsor Button is supreme!!!

Adorable! Windsor Button rocks.

Those buttons are too cute for words!


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