Worth the Wait

I'm very happy that I sat down to figure out exactly how to knit this collar.

With my calculations in hand, I could confidently forge ahead with the collar shaping.

Because I was constantly decreasing, and I knew what I was doing, it really did not take long to finish.

Now, a IKD (important knitting decision) looms.  This collar needs an edging.  I can't leave it as is--it needs a little something.  I'm thinking that I should pick up stitches and knit a little ribbing around it.  What do you think?


This is actually happening!  This could be an FO very, very soon!  I  haven't been this excited for a knit in a long time, so keep your fingers crossed for me.


Yes, I think a little ribbing will apply to the situation. Not a lot...just a little...you don't want to take away from the pattern...or make it too busy!

A small ribbing would look nice. Would that make the notch be more of an overlap? like a placket ? (is this the right word?) I am impressed, as always with the speed of your knitting... I don't know how you find the time (besides T knitting... how LONG is your commute?) I used to commute from Oak Grove to various parts of the city and some commutes were great for knitting:
Oak Grove to NEMC...never have to switch. Oak Grove to Longwood...one switch, and if early enough, a seat on the Green. Oak Grove to Kendall... I used to catch a bus at Sullivan...nice knitting time there!

This seems to be my answer for everything lately, but what about an applied I-cord. It would just finish it without adding too much. The alternative could be two rows of rev st st so that it would curl in.

It's gorgeoue. I am loving what you are doing with it. I would wear it that way more than a turtleneck. Would you be able to tell me what you did if I knit that sweater? I'll even send you some yarn for your kindness! Let me know. I can't wait to see it finished on modeled.

I think the applied Icord would be nice also. Very simple to not take away from the cables.

I agree with Johanna's suggestion - a couple of rows of rev st st will look like applied I-cord but are much easier to do. (and no sewing!)
It's gonna look awesome!

I would suggest about 3/4" of 1x1 ribbing turned to the back and sewed down. That would give a solid rounded edge that would accentuate the fullness of the cables without overpowering them. It looks great - can't wait to see what you do!

It's looking lovely! I think applied I-cord would look good, too . . . or maybe a horizontal cable??

How about a single crochet edge?

I think ribbing would look good with the cables and in that yarn. Probably 1x1. or 2x2. Either way.

I think ribbing would look really nice. It would help give it a more completed look.

I'd guess applied i cord or a crochet edging would be nice. Not too much since the sweater has all the detail going on, just a bow on the box, so to speak.

I like the idea of the applied i-cord or a simple crochet edge. The cables are so beautiful -- I won't want anything to detract from them.


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