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I am working my way up the back of  Madeleine.  This Rowan Wool Cotton is lovely stuff.  Have I mentioned that before :-).


As you can see, I treated the waist-shaping increases the same as the decreased stitches, they are separate from the cable repeat.  This is a little more noticable, probably because I didn't place the increases at the edge (as I did the decreases).

This is perfect sitting-by-the-window, catching-a-break knitting.  With the long days and suddenly warmer nights, I simply don't want stop knitting.  I could pull an all nighter!


Wonderful! I've been in that all-nighter mood myself. Hey - you updated this morning! Maybe there's hope?

I don't think the pattern modification is going to be noticeable to anyone but you. And I think it looks great! man, you really knit up a storm! I am still working on increasing speed, but there is just too much time spent in the car these days and not on the couch.

That's going to fit perfectly.

Maybe you should open your own CafePress store. Yarn Widower is great!

An allnighter last night would have been easy with all the thunderstorms. I love them. Especially when I'm indoors safe and sound.

This looks so gorgeous and elegant.

Oh goodness gracious, I can't believe you say you can pull all-nighters knitting in this weather! I can only assume you're sitting pretty in front of a huge A/C unit! The sweater is looking lovely, and this Rowan yarn is absolutely delightful!

I'm so glad that you are enjoying the Wool Cotton! I keep looking at it and all of the fabulous colors that it comes in. Ahhh, now to find the perfect project.

The wool cotton looks good - I love it when the knitting goes so well you can't put it down!

Looking luverly!

It just keeps looking better and better! And I love the color.

Gorgeous! I love simple textured knits....they really look like something! Thank you for your encouraging comments!

We're having nice nights in Portland, Oregon, too. I stayed up WAY too late last night just hanging and knitting. Man, I'm tired today though.

It's beautiful! I want one.


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