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I got so excited by that little bit of ribbing on the back of the collar, that I plowed full-speed ahead with knitting a band around the entire neck.  Ta-dah!


If you're keeping track, you'll know that only the side seams remain incomplete.  I don't have time to blog.  Someone give me a tapestry needle, I have to seam!


Wow--I love the shape--looks great!

It is a beautiful shape. Bravo !

Collar is gorgeous. So happy to see you! ;-)

ok, you're gonna kill me but i hope you'd be honest with me too. the little lip that puckers out at the bottom of the V is bugging me a little. i'm not sure if it would stretch out when you wear it though.

other than that little pucker i think it's a great edging for it!

That collar really makes it. It looks great!

HELLO GORGEOUS! That is simply fabulous! I love it...love the split "V" shape, I had no idea you were doing that!

ooh! I love it!

I love the shape of the neckline, and I love the way the cable splits and goes up either side - it looks great. I'm afraid I agree with Jody that that little pucker at the bottom isn't fab, but if it flattens out when you put it on, then you're golden. It is a great looking top - very nice.

I adore the collar choice you made! So how does it look when it's got a body inside? Does it flatten out a bit? Sometimes things like that show up more in photos than they do in real life.

OHMIGOD, I love it!! The shape, all of it. Fantastic job!

That's a good looking collar - hope that the seaming went well! (I'm assuming that you went for it with the needle...!)

Well done! I have the same concern as Karma ... so I expect you to model it next time! ;)

Beautiful! (Yes, the bottom of the "V" may need a little tweaking when you block it, but so what? It looks great!)

I really like the look of the ribbing. the pucker is interesting. I bet it will flatten with blocking and on your body.

Another beautiful winner!

Fabulous!!! You are very talented. Hurry...I can't wait to see it on you!

I really like the look of your collar! Very nice!


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