Wait one (Wool)Cotton Pickin' Minute!

We need to talk.

Let's take a few moments to plan exactly what will happen with regards to Madeleine's modified collar.  Where do I place the split?  How long should it be?  How do I shape the neck opening?  How many rows do I have for the neck shaping?

Lots of questions, but fortunately the answers are rather easy.  Essentially, I can place the collar split anywhere I please.  I don't want it to be too low.  One "revealing" aspect per garment is sufficient.  A curve-hugging shape, combined with a low neckline equals one thing: trashy.

Using the necklines in 1000 Sweaters as my guide, I discovered that the collar split began about 2.25 inches above the armhole bind offs.  Perfect!  Then, upon reading further, I discover that the collar split is about 3.25 inches long.  I need to acheive the collar length plus the neck shaping in the same amount of space as the armhole height.   So, that's 7.5 inches.  I've already used 5.5 inches of it (2.25 inches above the armhole, plus the 3.25 inches for the collar length).  That leaves me with two inches for the neck shaping.


The neck shaping in 1000 Sweaters begins with a series of bound-off stitches, and then continues with decreases every other row.   Okay, I can do that.  In two inches of knitting, I must get rid of half of the 42 neckline stitches (21) to give me 25 shoulder stitches.

At 7.5 rows per inch, two inches equal 15 rows of knitting.  Let me make this easy for myself.  I'll bind off 13 of the 21 stitches in the first row, leaving me with eight.  Then in the next two rows I'll decrease by one, leaving me with six stitches to be decreased over 12 rows.

Three more rows for shortrow shoulder shaping, and I am done.

Whew!  I'm glad we talked about this :-).


I would love to try some modifications like that. That sound like it's going to be very pretty! Can't wait to see it!

Brilliant! That's it!

wow...more sweater modifications? dang..you are good! I ilke the look of the split neck-- very flattering on you! :) Yeah, snug and low cut does equal 1990's Combat Zone hooker...not that i know anything about that! ha ha ha. When modifying your sweaters, what books do you use as a reference? I am looking for a book (does it exist?) that will have all the basics and i can "piece together' a sweater for me... like a cabled v-neck that has raglan sleeves, but no ribbing... any suggestions? B/c your sweaters always look fantastic and it seems that you either 1) modify or 2) design. :)

Wonderful explanation -- and picture -- of your neckline modification. You make it sound so logical and straight forward. I look forward to seeing the real neckline!

It seems 1000 Sweaters is a book worth buying! Looking forward to see your finished project!
BTW, the yarn I'm using for my sock is a cotton blend called Dancing from KnitPicks. I just posted on it yesterday. ;)

I love that you posted this stream of consciousness knit-modification moment! :)


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