Venus and Me

I tried to recreate the model's pose in the Rowan magazine.


[Photoshop experts: how could I have done this so that the image sizes and scales were identical?  My picture looked too squished when I tried to match the Rowan model's size--it could of course be a reflection of my actual size :-) but I'm sure that there's a trick I don't yet know.]

Somehow I couldn't quite act as disgruntled as that model seems to be.  It's hard to be down when you're wearing a new handknit for the first time.  I'm happy with the way that the twisted stockinette looks, and I'm happy with the way my slanted bottom looks.  It's more subtle and less like a big flap than the Rowan original shows.

Still, I'm a little blah about this one.  I've got to do something with that button, or perhaps buy a light camisole.  Can you say "low cut"?  I knew that it would be low, somehow I didn't think that it would be this low.

Alternatively I could reblock it to a slightly wider size.  This would allow me to pull in the neckline further.  I think this is a question for Knitsmiths tomorrow.  Someone there will know what to do.


For the model's "disgruntled look:" don't eat for a few weeks.
Now that you bring this up, I suspect that there may have also been some pinning in the back during the Rowan photoshoot. I'm making one for Ellie because I know she will wear it in the winter with an somewhat sheer long-sleeved tee underneath; I can't imagine bending over in it otherwise...
I wish I would be at knitsmiths tomorrow to see it in person! (p.s.: the tables are in the closet--the old storage place if you are looking for them).

First, the top looks great! Whatever modifications you made are working for you, woohoo! Having seen it in person, I love the textured look and feel of the yarn, too. Great job!

As for Photoshop, I do not know any immediately obvious way. I would open the two photos in Photoshop and first, size down my own a little at a time until I looked the same size as the model (uhm, meaning, distance from head to mid-thigh was the same). Then, I would crop my picture a little at a time until it was about the same size as the catalog picture. Hope this helps!

I think it's beautiful. You did a great job and I meant to tell you the other day that the button you picked is perfect. You could try a V-shaped cami or shell.

I really like Dava's idea about the long-sleeved tee with it for winter. I was actually thinking of doing the same thing for my daughter--or myself!

I think it looks great! A cami underneath will look perfect, it really is a classy design - perfect for a night out. :)

It looks great! A cool cami underneath will be perfect! i love the modifications...more practical looking.

I like it much more than the original. Great job.

Whatever changes you made were brilliant; Venus looks so stylish for the summer. I hadn't imagined it with a long sleeve top before, but that would look great in cooler months, too!

Fab job Colleen! I for one, am happy that you can't look that disgruntled.

As for photoshop - if you increased the size of your picture, keeping the proportions in tact, then cropped some of the sides off, for instance, enough so that the picture on the wall on the right is no longer there, I think it would work.

Beautiful. I really love it. It seems very versatile. You can wear it casually in the summer, or with a nice, fitted long-sleeved shirt in the winter.

And, once again, the fit and finishing looks great. :-)

As for Photoshop, you just need to make sure your camera is set to snap pictures at a higher resolution so you have more picture to work with. Then, create a layer in your file where you place the Rowan pic. Then place your photo on another layer above the Rowan pic. Set the filter on your layer to "multiply" and then use the "transform" tool to size it down to wear it looks about the same size. Use her head as a point of reference.

Of course, when you bring your image into the layered Photoshop file, it'll ask you if you want to make it the same resolution as the other file (which will be 72dpi), and you do. This will blow up your image considerably on screen, but since you took the pic at a higher resolution anyway, it won't matter. It won't pixelate.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, you look much better than the disgruntled model anyway. :-)

Looks great -- perfect knit for a summer night sitting outside with a glass of wine! Love the green walls --

LOVE the Venus top. It's perfect for the summer over a camisole.

It turned out really nice! I love the color you chose - is it kinda green, or is that just the photo? Anyway, congrats on finishing. Its such a different design, and looks terrific.

(I was going to offer Photoshop tips, but the other commenters have that convered..)

I'll be honest: don't reblock. It looks great as is.

i love may need to step out of your "comfort zone" here but i think a v-neck cami with lace and a necklace....

I agree, I love it and don't think you would want to re-block it to a wider size. If you put a cami or a tank underneath Venus it will look great together. I don't think you should change it at all, it looks great!

So I'm not normally this strange, but...

I had a dream in which I reached into my computer and pulled out your Venus and was trying it on. I know...bizarre...and you probably think I'm an insane stalker or something. Not only do I dream about my knitting, now I dream about (stealing) the knitting of others!

Don't reblock, it looks great the way it is!

Fabulous job! I got a really cute (and inexpensive) lace-trimmed jersey camisole at Banana Rebublic a couple of weeks ago. It'd look great under your sweater. I'm just sayin'.

It's a really cute top on you Colleen! Really flattering (despite the pouty model face!). I think it looks great with that top under it also. It's just the right height above the V neck. Enjoy.

I agree with all the commenters. It's lovely. Classic. No one but a flat, straight Rowan model (not moving, btw) could wear that top without something on underneath. Even if you closed it more, with how low it closes I would still be nervous when leaning over. Plus, this look is really, really nice!

OK, Photoshop suggestions. You got a lot of them but I thought I'd share 1 or 2 others.

First, you have to get the 2 people at roughly the same size. Plently of people have talked about that.

Now, once you do, I'd do 1 of 2 things to get the pics to the same dimensions.

I'd find out what the dimensions were of the Rowan pic. Then, I'd either adjust my canvas size to that size (Image -> Canvas Size) or I'd use the marquee tool fixed to that size to mark the cuts. The marquee tool is the selector tool (the one you drag to select an area to say, crop). If you look at the marquee options (it's in a palette that you can turn on by going to Window -> Show Options, if it's not already up).

In that palette there are 3 options - Normal, Constrained Aspect Ratio, and Fixed). Select Fixed and then you can type in the height and width of the Rowan pic). Then, whenever you use the marquee tool it will automatically be sized to the Rowan pic.

Hope this helps, and seriously -- the tank is lovely. Enjoy it. you did a beautiful job!

There's nothing like a slanted bottom to give you a disgruntled look ;)
Doesn't it make you feel good to know that her boobs are lower than yours though? I still can't work out how they stay contained, I definitely go with the camisole, well done.

It's fantastic, and looks great on you! I definitely like your definition of asymetrical better than theirs. It makes it seem a tad more wearable. I alsolove it over the cami. There's just enough of it showing to be able to change the feel of the outfit just by changing the material/color of the cami you choose. Congratulations!

I think it looks great!

looks beautiful! and more flattering than the model, without the bif asymmetriacl flap. much more legant. hope you grow to enjoy it more!

i guess i should check the spelling of my comments before posting them. really, it's embarassing!


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