Uncharted Territory

Not anymore!

I created my first knitting chart!

The challenge was in finding the cable symbols.  In the end, I couldn't discover any knitting fonts with cable symbols that I could decipher.  So, using the Excell draw function (thanks Cara for the heads up about that) I created my own:


Hmm, one of those cells is missing a border.  Better go and fix it.


you could totally blow that up and sell it as art.

Crazy isn't it! I love it - so, so much easier to read than the fonts. And totally addictive. Glad to help.

PS - Can't wait to see the finished pattern! When's it coming? I'm inpatient!

I can totally see myself getting addicted to software that lets you do stuff like that.
I am such a geek. ;)

Cabley-goodness - whee! Like Cara, I too am excited to see the final pattern and want to know WHEN WHEN WHEN!

Wow I don't know how you knit that without charting it first! Congrats on nearing the end.

That chart looks professional!

Amazing! You are so talented. I so want to design my own knit with charts, measurements...something that would actually work out!

I feel like I should get out a pen to connect the dots! ;) Great work.

Nice! Of course, now I must know how you made the little symbols as I couldn't find any symbol fonts either while charting for Cool Cagoule. ;-)

Very cool--don't you feel accomplished?

Very cool! I can't wait to see the project.

Wow! I'm impressed. I need to figure out how to read charts. I'm more of a "...P2, K2, P2, CB4, P2, K2, P2..." kind of girl.

how did you do THAT???? you have my whole admiration for this chart.

I'd love to be able to figure out how to do that....

Again....you amaze me with your knitting math...designing...chart writing skills. I'm feeling way beyond inadequate right now!

Ooooooooh! I have nothing that I need to chart, but feel compelled to go mess around with Excel now anyway just in case something comes up. V. cool.


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