Thinking Ahead

Well, barring a knitting disaster, we can anticipate an FO very soon in Subway Knitter-land.

So, what's next?

I'm declaring next week a sort of "breather week".  Due to some travel plans, I'll have knitting time, but I won't have much knitting space in my bag.  What's a knitter to do?  Something small, that's what.

"Ah," you say.  "Socks!"

No, there will not be socks.  At least, I don't think that there will be socks.  As some of you know I'm not the world's biggest fan of sock knitting right now.

What else is small, that isn't a sock?

Oh, heck, let's cut the guessing.  There are lots of small things, but I thought a cute thing for summer might be to knit this:


It's Over the Moon by Amy Stevens.  I have had my eye on this pattern off and on since last summer.  Full disclosure, I won't be using it as a tampon case, but probably as a small, out-on-the-town, city purse.  I'll probably make it just as long, but not as wide.

Yarn?  Here's the beauty part: leftovers!  I have a couple balls of the Adriafil Ibiza that I used to knit Spring Fling.


Perfect and portable, knit two and you can stick your feet in them anyway! (Sorry it's hot here and I'm feeling silly)

That's so cute! You must give socks another try! Come on...they are addictive though!

That's a cute little thing! Definitely small enough to finish within a week :).

Oh definitely a great bag to knit! too cute! The yarn will be a good fit too.
:) Kate

What an adorable little bag & you don't even have to buy new yarn!

That's such a sweet little bag! You'll probably be able to make it in about an hour, then spend the rest of your travel time buying more yarn. ha!

Cute purse -- the perfect travel project. Thanks for the nice morning laugh over your phrase, "tampon case" -- that's what I always think of when I see/use small evening purses. If it fits my driver's liscense, some cash, and a tampon I'm good to go. Have a fun trip!


I am constantly amazed at your ability to focus and portion. Whenever I'm faced with possible stretches of knitting time as a result of travel, I typically panic and over-estimate the amount of time I'll realistically have and I under-estimate how long something will take to finish.

Very charming little bag. ;-)


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