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There's been something that I've been meaning to show you:


Yeah, I love it.  I haven't been this excited about a knit in a while.  It's my new favorite summer knit.  The shape: fantastic!  The cables: beautiful!  The yarn: delish!  The fit: divine!

The details:

Pattern:  Madeleine, designed by Marta.

Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton in Violet, colorway 933 (7 skeins for the largest size, but I tweaked the waist shaping and the collar, so you would use more yarn if you knit the pattern as written.)

Needles: US6

What I changed:  I added more waist shaping.  With help from 1,000 Sweaters, I changed the turtleneck collar to the Nehru-esque version which you see in the photographs.

Would I knit this again:  You betcha.

Should you knit this:  See above answer.


Wow! Really nothing more to add--it's fabulous!

perfect! enjoy wearing it. i can see why you'd be so happy!

True that! Absolutely FANTASTIC! You are a genius with the shaping - everything fits you perfect! Congratulationso on a terrific knit.

Wow wow wow... I just love it!!! In the beginning I thought there were too many cables, but now that I see the finished product I want to make it too!!! And I just LOVE the neckline you made. Would you mind to share how you did that? I don't have that book you're refering to and here in Luxembourg it is hard to find those kind of books (hard like in impossible hahahaha) :)

Oh wow.... so pretty! It looks fantastic on you! I think you will have started a trend! I like the cables, i too, thought they might be a little much, but they look really great on! and the neckline is very flattering. Overall: a 10.
:) Kate

Oh, absolutely gorgeous!! The color. The fit. The cables. It's all great!

Oh, Colleen! It is perfect. Looks beautiful on you, too. You did such a fantastic job!!

Awesome Colleen, simply awesome. It fits you like it was made for you! Lets keep up this hot weather so that you can get good use out of it! (Though it would look great with a blazer in the fall/winter for work too.)

Ooh, that's fabulous!

OMG! Gorgeous! It looks so fabulous on you! I love it.

The fit looks perfect, and the cables and neckline are super professional. gorgeous!

That's a great FO! And it looks smashing on you! Kudos!

What an amazing fit! Congratulations.

Its gorgeous! I've really enjoyed watching the progress...

Been lurking here for a while. That sweater looks exquisite. Seriously! I agree with Diana. Great knit!

This is the most gorgeous cabled tank and you look fabulous in it! I wish I could this good in cabled ribs!

Looks goregous. Perfect fit and color.

What an amazing-looking tank! You should be so proud. Brava!

Looks amazing! Love the neckline -- what a great adaptation.

It's a beaut, Colleen!


Oooo, that's nice. Love the cables and the neckline.

Absolutely GORGEOUS! You're a total hottie in that gorgeous top! :)

Yay, finally! Fits perfectly, looks beautiful, especially how the cables travel around the collar. And... love the necklace :).

GORGEOUS! Seriously!

Love the collar, love the even tension on the cabes and once again, you are the Diva of Perfect Fit. :-)

Oh, and "nice necklace." hehehe.

Whoa, that's really beautiful.

Everyone has said it... this is a perfect piece! The fit is amazing and I think you made a fantastic choice for the neckline. Sweet!

Wow. That is simply STUNNING.

Just gorgeous !!!

O! You did an action shot;-) You look marvelous! I really love the changes you made. It is very nice looking and something you'll wear and enjoy, surely. I just might try one, too.

Colleen! It's absolutely perfect!! Terrific job with the collar.

It was a pleasure to meet you last Friday at The Point!

All the girls/boys above have said what I have in mind! It fits you so well ... of course, it's the result of much mental activities! ;) Enjoy your new FO!

excellent colleen! really, very pretty. i like how the neckline flatters the necklace.

It looks fabulous and the waist shaping is perfection!

Stunningly beautiful and the fit is perfect, congratulations!

Amazing sweater - love your version of the neckline! Looks awesome!

Everyone already said it...but it's fabulous! I love the color, the cables, AND the shaping. Very impressive!

BEAUTIFUL. This is one of my most favorite knits I've seen anyone knit. The fit is amazing, it looks very flattering on you. I hope you gloat in your glory for days on end.

This is absolutely gorgeous and I am envious of your talent and style.

Way to go!

Wow! Absolutely beautiful. Former blog stalker here. :D I love the collar and the waist shaping. Are you planning on posting the specific changes you made? Cuz some of us would love to copy what you've done! Just beautiful.

YEAHHHH! Colleen knit my pattern!!!! Please help me to come back down to earth.

It's beautiful, Colleen!

It's absolutely gorgeous, Colleen! You've done such a wonderful job with it.

That is truly a perfect tank - gorgeous.

Perfect fit and the neckline looks lovely.

It looks great! It looks so nicely made, and very wearable. Enjoy it!

Absolutely beautiful!!

One more rave about how wonderful it looks from me! :)

Oh, it's gorgeous! It looks so classy on you. Great neck choice!

Wow! I am so jealous - that is beautiful. I showed the pic from yesterday to DH and he said "yeah" when I told him I love it. Men have no taste...

Former blog stalker as well-- OMG!! I am speechless! That is just incredible....

wow - that is such a flattering sweater on you!! Amazing job with the adjustments and beautiful sweater all around!

PS - LOOK at all your comments!

That turned out great! I love the way the ribbing at the neckline worked out too. It'd be cute with a cotton pique summery skirt--shopping anyone?

congratulations on a one-of-a-kind! It looks great!

That looks absolutely perfect on you! You did a fantastic job. Wear it with pride.

It's beautiful...the color,the cables, and the fit...I especially like the neckline. Perfection!

I'm a little late commenting, but it looks amazing! That neckline is beautiful, and looks perfect with the cables.

What a knockout summer sweater! It looks fabulous on you! Beautiful work, Colleen. Love the collar.

Well done, that's really lovely!

Whoa!!! What a gorgeous sweater. Drooling with envy over here. You really created a work of art.

Holy cow. I would prefer to be able to add something pithy to this, but realy all I can say is: wow. Love this. L.O.V.E. it. That neckline is the bomb, and it looks fantastic on you. Congratulations.

Gorgeous, perfect, lovely. I'm so sorry to be late to the praise party - I was about 250 bloglines updates behind after this weekend and I just caught up.

Nothing more satisfying than making something that you really love, right?

That is just stunning. I am drooling with awe and envy!

Wow, Colleen! You really did a great job! Madeleine is absolutely gorgeous.

absolutely gorgeous! fantastic work. beautiful color and perfect fit!

Catching up on blogreading from my vaca, and been looking forward to seeing this FO - it is really really really gorgeous, I can see why you love it so. Your new neckline for it is perfect. Congrats!

i am a little bit late to this post and i apologise. but your madeleine is just absolutely gorgous. perfect choice in yarn and the pattern adjustments are spot on for you. congratulations!

What can I looks fantastic. I get a much better idea with you modeling it!! I love it! I would definately do that neckline. It's perfect. Enjoy wearing it.


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