I have recovered from my Madeleine missteps:


This is fun summertime knitting!  I get a six-stitch cable repeat every 13 rows, and in between it's P2K2 ribbing.  Just enough to keep me on my toes, but not enough complexity to remove it from subway-knitting worthiness.

And the yarn!  Oh, the softness!  Oh the way that it slides on my needles!  It is a pleasure to work.  Run, do not walk, to your LYS and get yourself some Rowan Wool Cotton.


You are making me look forward to the "winter" sweater for the DH: Rowan Wool Cotton in a rich red ("Rich", appropriately so). Knitting the swatch was fun. Can't wait for the whole thing. But me first! Have to finish Marla (Alchemy Synchronicity).

LOL! The other night, two knitters were trashing Rowan Wool Cotton, and you are here to praise it. I know we disagree over Rowan Summer Tweed, but I'm going to go fondling some Wool Cotton and make my own decision.

ooh-laa-laa! I love cotton blends. What a great color, too! The yarn I just ordered, btw, was a cotton blend. Usually I don't think of gifts until it's a frantic frenzy to get them done in time...I'm actually in a "Rogue-Along" group which seemed like a great way to get a head start.

I love you. You make things in colors and designs that I would hunger for if I had boobs.


I'd have to run to the bank first - to rob it. ;)


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