Quick Knit Fix

Say that five times fast :-).

I know that a good armhole length for me is about 7 to 7 1/2 inches.  It should have come as no surprise that the straps of my green ribbon tank were slipping off of my shoulders.  The armhole measured a whopping NINE inches.  What was I thinking?


So, a grabbed some DPNs, slipped them through the stitches about two inches beneath the seam.  I clipped the seam and unraveled down to the picked-up loops.   Then then I turned the knit inside out.  I cast off the live stitches using the three-needle bindoff, and I was good to go.  More about these fantastic, amazing, and wonderful Brittany needles in another post.


I think that a 7-inch armhole, while being a little on the small side, offers excellent bra coverage.


As some of you might know, I am all about bra coverage with summer knits.  I do not like any part of my UNDERgarment peaking out from, well, underneath anything.


I'm with you on the place of undergarments -- under clothing and not visible. I have a few knitted tanks that I now wear only as vests. WAY too much bra/flesh showing for my taste.

Excellent, looks great! Quick and effective! As for the armhole length, just goes to show that all those standard measurement charts are a bunch of phooey - a garment with a finished bust measurement of 36" is to have armhole depth of 8.5; one with 38", 8.75", etc. What are they smoking?

Wonderful. Love the step-by-step pictures. I agree -- I hate it when undergarments show.

I am short in that very same area of my body. I always have to alter things like swimsuits, tank tops, my wedding dress... by doing just what you did, with fabric. Great solution, nice and neat, and no bra visibility! :)

Super fix! It seems so easy and logical - and now the tank is more wearable!

Very clever indeed and nice save! We would indeed hate to have to see those saucy little bra straps poking out, no?

I agree--undergarments are so named because they are worn UNDER the logically-called outer-garments. I hate armholes that are so huge they don't keep these things in mind. (In fact, it's one of the main reasons I rarely ever wear anything sleeveless--most of the time when I try them on, they show too much. Too tacky!) (grin) Your fix is great!

Very neat job! Great!

Well done Colleen! I have a tank here with stringy straps that fit just fine the morning I put it on but by the end of the day, the stringy straps had STRETCHED to the point where had I been wearing an undergarment, it would have been more than a little visible. What does one do in the stretch case? Unknit, unravel, and resew? Must.stop.the.stretching.

Oh boy. Well, with a thick strap like that, yes, it's silly to have the bra showing...

but come to Montréal, and those strappy tanks...well...unless you are fifteen and insanely perky, you had better be wearing a bra under your strappy tank. And it had better be pretty, because it will probably show.

I can't not wear a bra. It would get me arrested ;-)

With you all the way on the bra thing.

Oh my God, yesterday I saw a woman in a tiny little tank and her MATERNITY BRA straps were hanging out all over the place! Yuck.

Oh my God, yesterday I saw a woman in a tiny little tank and her MATERNITY BRA straps were hanging out all over the place! Yuck.

Could you please infect the middle school girls I teach with some normal human being modesty? This spring I saw more underwear than a person needs to see in a lifetime - not just the tops but those low jeans that pooch out when they sit down and lean forward onto their desks. Sometimes I comment on particular colors that I can see from the back of the room if they are working on something. Then their posture gets so much better!


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