Pick Up Line

Believe it or not, I've been chatted up a few times while knitting in public.  But that's a story for another time.  Right now, let's focus on Madeleine's collar.


What?  Do you think that I haven't been knitting while I'm pondering what's next?  No way!  I got so excited about my ribbed collar idea that I picked up some stitches on the back neck and began to knit.

I like it, I really, really like it!


Looks fabulous! Can't wait...almost there...I can almost see it!

Nice complement to the cable pattern. :-)

Aw, now that's just a tease . . . Yeah, the knitting is lovely and you should be proud, but I feel cheated out of an anecdote!

The ribbing looks great with the cable. Excellent choice.


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