Mystery Knitter of the Week

As you are aware, I'm not the only one who knits on the subway.


It looked like she was making socks.  Her concentration was so deep that she didn't notice me when I took the picture.

Is this you, or someone you know?


Not me and I haven't seen her on the T before. While running the Corporate Challenge last night, I did see another mystery knitter on bag-babysitting duty. She was working on a sweater.

Hey - is your bloglines out again? Mine is. Only one feed updating. We need a better solution! I didn't get your update today either.

This is totally my Mother. Hehehe.

Myself, I notice anything that involves my face recorded in any media for all time.

I like this Mystery Knitter of The Week!

I've been trying to come up with a weekly feature for my blog too, but mine isn't as conducive to that sort of thing as yours is.

Funny! I would have taken about 10 pictures of her. That could be me.

I love these mystery pictures!

I think it would be funny if you took a picture of me, not knowing it was me, and then put it up here only to realize - hey - it's me!

Love the Mystery Knitter pictures.

I love this "mystery knitter" idea, time to add it to my blog, but I never go by bus or train,where to find these mystery knitters ?? ;-))

WOW! I knit on the subway in Milano! ^_______^


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