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Last week, or thereabouts, Julia posted some yarn on her blog.  She's destashing.

This caught my eye:


Ten balls of Tahki Capri, in a bee-u-tee-ful bright green colorway.  It had to be mine.  I emailed Julia and in a few days, the yard arrived in Boston.

What is it about me and ribbon yarns--especially cotton ribbons?  I don't claim to like them especially, but they feel so soft, and they always look so unusual that I can't resist.

I have enough for a tank.  Ideas are swirling around in the ol' noggin, but nothing is sticking.  Right now I'm thinking a simple v-neck tank, maybe with some kind of slip-stitch all-over pattern.  Anyone got any ideas?  I'll keep you posted on mine.


Great color! I think that there was a pattern in last summer's IK using this yarn.

maybe the shapely t. was featured in a knitty article about short rows.

Love that colour! I have never used ribbon yarn...a new territory I must cross!

Love the color! I used Tahki Capri for a cardigan and loved working with it.

Fantastic, fresh green. I want it!

Cute! Can't wait to see what you make with it!

I went through a huge cotton tape-yarn phase last summer - Rowan's cotton tape had just come out and some of the designs in the book were lovely - I ended up making one of them which was really a nice pattern, although it looked awful on me. The Cotton Tape collection has some very nice shells and tanks. In fact, I think mine was a slip-stitch pattern (although not v-necked).

I have some capri as well in a heathered raspberrry color, trying to figure out what to do with it too.. was just thinking of a cap sleeve tee with some kind of texture to it..

But it's like the softest t-shirt EVER! love it.

what about the Bevin tank from Spun? I met Christine down at MSW and saw the top in person... these photos do not do it justice at all. Its such a flattering shape and has a great square neckline.


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