Madeleine Progress

Have I told you how much I am enjoying Madeleine?  Marta, it's a great pattern!

This is the front:


This piece is so bouncy looking.  It's wonderful knitting.  Mindless P2,K2 ribbing for 12 rows, then I get a cable repeat.

With this tank, for the first time ever, I have left myself a long enough tail to use for seaming.  I find the big ball of yarn hanging off of the end to be an annoyance, but I wonder if it will make seaming any more efficient.  I'll let you know...

There's not much else to say.  Time to get back to the knitting.


Looking good! At this rate you'll be done within the week!

About that long-tail ball, I like to pin the ball to the knitting once there's enough there to pin to. It seems to pull less when it's attached to the garment.

I am so proud! One of my favourite knitters/knitbloggers is knitting up MY pattern! Yuuuupieee!

I always leave a long tail when I cast on and use it for seaming. And yes, I roll up the end, tie it with a rubber band and pin it to the knitting too.

All these lovely tank pictures are getting to me...and I've sworn them off!

I'm another fan of leaving a long tail for seaming (and pinning it up with a safety pin or small stitch holder).

That is really pretty. Can't wait to see more progress.


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