Jury Duty Knitting

Okay, I'll be honest with you.  I'm no fan of jury duty.  Sitting around a large, uncomfortable room with a bunch of strangers--few of whom want to be there themselves--is not my idea of a good time.  In Massachusetts, we always receive our jury-duty summons with a large banner across the envelope: "Jury Service: Your Civic Obligation".  Obligation is the right word.  Look, Massachusetts, if you weren't threatening me with fines and possible jail time for not showing up, I wouldn't be there.

As a knitter, there is a small consolation to this enforced service: knitting time, and lots of it.

Look at my Madeleine swatch:


Oh, this Wool Cotton loveliness!  I love this yarn.  Love.  It.  It feels so soft and good, and boy, how it slides on those bamboo needles.  The Summer Tweed is a little sticky, but this Wool Cotton is a joy.  Better still: I got gauge.  Did you hear me?  Stitch gauge, and row gauge--both are dead on, bay-bee!

But even I, someone who knits almost anywhere, can only knit for so long before I need a break.  I arrived at 8:00, and sat knitting for 90 minutes before anything happened.  We watched a video, and heard from some judge.  About 11:30 am, I finished my swatch, and I needed to put the needles down.  So, I read my book for a while.

Then I went to lunch and had a walk.

Then I returned to the jury-pool room.  I read some magazines, and chatted with some women at my table.

Then, three panels were called to a courtroom.  Mine remained behind.

Thirty minutes later the remaining panels were told to go home--the parties had settled.

There has to be a better way to do this.


Never done jury duty before, but as long as you've got your knitting with you it looks like you can deal with anything!

Yes, there has to be a better way, but they're not going to find it!!! The good news is, if MA laws are the same as NJ laws, you're done for three years - they can't call us again for three years after we've done our duty. Love the swatch - can't wait to see the finished product.

How did you get your needles thru security? I spoke to the "hear ye, hear ye" guy, and the best he could tell me was that they would only hold them for the day. (I hadn't tried during that visit to the Courthouse, was just wondering....)

The swatch is quite beautiful. I like the cables on rev st. Getting gauge is SO satisfying.

If they are going to make us sit there all day, don't you think they could get us more comfortable chairs?
Swatch looks great!

Ahhh. Wool Cotton. How I love thee....

That is EXACTLY how my jury duty went (in March). Lots of knitting and reading time, while all the people around me complained b/c they had brought nothing to do. Then I was sent home after lunch. And I had no problem getting my needles in, I asked a lawyer friend about it beforehand.
The swatch looks great! You are so prolific! ;)

ughh...jury duty in MA is like a small trip to hell. Personally, I have never been called, but I have a girlfriend who gets called about 3 times a year. It must be something to do with her SS#. So, three times a year, she packs up her knitting, papers to be corrected, book and snacks...she looks like she is moving to the courthouse.
The wool cotton swatch looks great! I am impressed about getting gauge... this is still a 2-3 day process for me, trying needles,tension, etc.
So... have you done the trip to Windsor yet? I need to get over there for a class... I need to "up my skills" as the "boy" would say!
Have a great day!

Sounds like a great day to me -- knitting and reading about knitting!! Your swatch looks great and I love the color -- it's going to make a great Madeleine. I had jury duty last year and actually was sat on the jury until one of the parties bumped me because I'm a lawyer.

Jury duty is not for Grumperina. Did you shoot them angry glances? Grunt audibly? Whine, "but I don't wanna!!!"? Pretent to be psychotic? Oh wait, being unhappy about this "civic obligation" might get you in jail, oops. It wouldn't have stopped me!

The swatch is so pretty, and Wool Cotton is so soft and wonderful! I want to make something out of it some time soon. Mmmm... buttery goodness. The color is very nice, too!

I love Wool Cotton, too. In fact, I've loved it since it was slightly different and called Wool AND Cotton. I'm not sure what the difference is, exactly, but both versions of the yarn are wonderful!

Just received a summons and have to report on Monday. I guess the process with be similar here in Texas, so I'll bring my knitting and books and get ready for a wait.

I had a very similar jury duty experience this winter and boy oh boy, was it boring. The waiting is such a pain.

Your swatch is lovely. That stitch definition is amazing! Have fun with Sweet Madeleine!

Your knitting looks great. I had jury duty last year and got chosen for the jury. 4 days of NO KNITTING! It was a very boring civil case, lending fraud. But it was very nice to find the con man guilty at the end. Yippee for the little guy.

Your swatch looks great. I didn't realize that there is so much waiting time involved with Jury Duty. If only you could knit during the trial... I would be afraid that it looked like I wasn't paying attention and be kicked off the jury. Or maybe that's not a bad thing?

The best needle arts/jury combo I discovered was grand jury service in Virginia. I thank that 3-5 days a month for 6 months with getting me back into knitting a year ago. Actually I crocheted -- no clacking needles, easier to stop mid-row. I made a cute little lacy top from Leisure Arts made with bedspread cotton. The courtroom set up was perfect for this. It was auditorium seating, but each row was a long table behind a low wall. The lawyers and judges down below could not see the tables in the top row. The only security issue was scissors. Blunt tip children's fiskars cut threads cleanly enough for me. The best part was the yarn store just two blocks from the courhouse!


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