If I Were Clever...

And I could design knitting patterns, I would want to knit something like this:


Oh, wait!  I can design knitting patterns.  So I guess that it has nothing to do with being clever.  Tee hee!  I spotted this at Ann Taylor last week.  Does anyone know what this type of wide cowl neckline is called?  Does anyone have a clue of how I'd go about knitting this?   I guess that the key would be to use a very drapey yarn.  Probably a very thin yarn, too.

Hmm, it's something to think about.


I would think to keep it from weighing a ton, you would have to use very thin yarn on bigger than normal needles. It would create a sheer-ish fabric; probably requiring a tank or cami underneath. Layering is all the rage this summer!

I don't know what a collar like this is called, but I defenitely would love to see you design a pattern for it.

Hmm...I think Dava is on to something, and I think that top would be beautiful if it was slightly sheer.

I think you would want to make this type of thing with something like kidsilk haze. There was a cowl-style top in the Summer Interweave Knits (not a tank, but a place to get ideas from), and a tank in Weekend Knitting that came with another piece (I think it was separate) that had some similar style.

i know what it would look like if i were sewing it. maybe you could buy a sewing pattern to see what shape you're trying to achieve? (i tried explaining it but i just can't!)

as for yarn -- i'm thinking something like a kid silk haze would work well because it's super-lightweight but it would still hold its body and shape.

Oh yeah, this is definitely something to knit! Ditto, sheer, light, tiny stitches, mmm.

Hey, I just bought two shirts just like that from Dillards. If you like you can borrow one for a week for measuring purposes. I believe we are roughly the same size.

Too bad I can't draw on the computer otherwise I'd show you. Like Jody said, it's hard to explain but really easy when you see it. I suggest going to a fabric store and looking in the pattern books (Simplicity,Butterick,or Burda). I know there is a pattern for this type of shirt. Take a look at the instruction sheet to see the shape. You probably won't even need to buy the pattern once you see the shape.

Yep, I'm the proud owner of two shirts just like this, this look is very easy to create in fabric, but will take a good amount of thinking with knitting. I'll sketch out how to make that in one of my next e-mails to you... maybe tomorrow.

You are probably too young to remember the 70s, but while I love that blouse in fabric, I think in wool it would give me bad 70s flashbacks. But I think if it were sheer and light and had a cami beneath, as Dava and Elisa have suggested, it just might work.

My guess is something like Debbie Bliss Cathay for the drape and shortrows for the extra fabric at the neck.
Have fun.

Ann Tylor Loft is one of my favourite shops ... but I didn't see this one! One of the FO in Kathy's Tivoli gallery looks like this ... the stockinette stitiches roll down the garment ...

hi, that's a lovely top! i had made the cami and cowl from weekend knitting, but it is separate though wear it together, it looks kind of like that.

perhaps you can study that shirt, and see how the fabric is cut and then figure out how to do the inc. and dec.

eager to see your design.

(my first visit to your blog... very lovely!)

I'm a huge fan of the cowl neck (drape neck?). It would be a very pretty sweater. Those cowl necks are so in right now.

Mmm, cowl neck. I love those. I'd go with the thin yarn and shortrows. Although seeing as how I've only designed a rectangle, I wouldn't pay much attention to me. But to second everyone else who mentioned it, there is a tank and cowl out of Kidsilk Haze in Weekend Knits that looks a lot like this.

That's a crumbcatcher collar! I'd *love* a knitted top like that. Oooh.

To knit the collar just like the one in the store, I would go into the store with a tape measure, pen, and paper in your purse, try on the shirt in your size, and then take some measurements. Once you lay the collar down on a flat surface, you should be able to figure out how it should be made.

I love this idea -- hope you do make it and post the results!

This neckline is a "bias draped neck". Where the usual front of a neckline is "U" shaped, to make this neck you spread out the valley of the "U" into a horizontal line. This puts the shoulders very far apart, and at an angle to their usual place. When you seam the front shoulders to the back (normal "U" shaped) shoulders, all the excess fabric in the neckline drops into these folds.
In sewing, this neckline is done on the diagonal (bias) grain of the fabric so the folds are graceful. Knit fabric is plenty drapey and forgiving without being bias.

Well, I could draft a pattern for it with no problem, but explaining it is another story. Karen did a much better job than I would have. Love the idea of it being sheer too.

Holy crap. I lead a sheltered life. I never even knew there was such a thing as a "bias draped neck".

The newsletter pattern from Magknits this month has a very similar neckline perhaps you could have a look at that?
Cathay would definitly drape well


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