I wasted no time in casting on for Madeleine's front.


Let's get going!  I want to be able to wear this soon.


Won't be long! Love that photo..very crisp and clear!

You're a maniac! ;)

great won't be long now until we see another "model shot!"

great job!

Nice photo! Very "atmospheric." ;-)

I'm just curious. How many knit clothing items do you think you manage to make in about a year? I noticed a trend now for tanks, but considering the weather am not surprised. Do you mostly do tanks/short sleeved items?

Heh - Bookish Wendy's comment now has me singing "She's a maniac, maaaaaaaaniac" in my head.

Casting on is half the battle! It will be done in no time!

Your photos are always so lovely. What's your secret? What sort of camera do you use?


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