Do you remember how I questioned the spacing of the cable repeats in light of the waist shaping?

As luck would have it, I found myself with an unexpected amount of knitting time--perfect for recovering from the 114/118 disaster, and working out my waist shaping dilemma.

I decided to treat the increased and decreased stitches as distinct from the stitches in the cable repeat.  This will create two dart like lines of ribbing underneath my arms, and will (I think) accentuate the shapeliness of this tank.


Alternatively,  I could have eliminated the waist shaping altogether, but I didn't want to :-). 

A big thank you to Jody for taking the time to chart out the repeat and determine exactly how I could do the waist shaping and keep the cable centered.  She did this for me, on her own time, without being asked.  Aren't knitbloggers great?  (Allowable answers: "yes" and "absolutely".)  What Jody didn't know was that I decided to fit the waist shaping to my measurements and added a few more decreases.


Shaping looks great! Dont you love when it all finally works out!

It looks great! Your solution is really pretty. Isn't it great when we can turn a design problem into a design accent?

Now if I can only do the same for the sleeves on this raglan!

That looks great! I love the way the decreases nestle up to the cables.

Nice! And how cool is it that Jody came through like that? Wow.

Absolutely. Yes. ;-)

Looks great - shaping still gives me headaches, but you seem to have it mastered.

Knitbloggers are awesome, and Jody is very mathematically-inclined (IMO), so no doubt she would want to help :).

The way you handled the decreases - separating the cables from the decrease stitches, is pretty common, I find. I think it really helps with seaming, too - now you have a nice row of all knits to align the two pieces perfectly!

I'm eagerly waiting to see how the cables travel around the collar, that should be very interesting!

I think the shaping looks great. I agree with you on knitbloggers - the best of the bunch.

What a fabulous solution. This is going to be a gorgeous top that fits you perfectly!

Dear Colleen, I have been compelled to live without internet until TODAY. As you know, I have moved. Therefore SORRY my pattern is causing problems and, worse; I have not been there to help! Happy Jody could do it!!! Can't wait to see your Madeleine. You are the first one to knit it beside myself. Take care!
You can contact me at the best under marta dot maraboli at gmail dot com.


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