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Oh, I just want this off of my knitting plate!


Doing the schematics and the chart for my MagKnits pattern has, quite honestly, been my least favorite part of the process.  It's almost done, thank goodness.  I'm putting the finishing touches on my MagKnits schematic (in Illustrator) and I still need to work up the chart (in Excel).

Most of the problem is that I encountered a steep (almost vertical) learning curve with Adobe Illustrator.  It is only the requirement for the schematic that has pushed me to learn this program (it's something I've been interested in doing for a long time).   There are fellow bloggers out there who have been very generous with their time (among other things) and have helped me make this happen.  It's nice to feel that if I encounter a serious problem, I have someone I can call.  Ultimately, however, I need to master the basics for and by myself.

Things are starting to level out quickly, but at first it was "how do I do...anything?"  There's been a huge sense of accomplishment this week as I've slowly but surely solved problems, become more skilled with the program, and felt my frustration level decrease.  Who knew knitting would involve so much technology?

I will do a little dance when it's all done.  Lesson learned: next time I will make this the first part of the design process, and just get it out of the way.


You will be a pro in absolutely no time! Hey, who figured out how to make the straight lines, huh, huh? And if you're stuck, there are so many of us out there who know how to use the program! Good luck!

And, yes, naming this picture "computerhell.jpg" is telling, but we are all loving the faster downloads of your webpage since it's only 32K :). It's all GOOD.

I love Illustrator (I use it mostly for poster/flyers and business cards). I just love that I can do anything I want with text in there.

My mom used to say "the quicker you do it, the faster it will be done". Not exactly sage advice, but it makes sense. I am not computer savvy at all...I feel your pain. I always have to play around with them on my own for awhile before I get the hang of it, even the basic. And the books never help.

Any hints on the pattern? Sweater?Bag?Sock? Can't wait to see it!

Sure you'll do it first next time! ...then the excitement will grow, and the yarn will call, and you'll say, eh, it's only going to change, I'd might as well only write it up once, and you'll be here again; then again, maybe you are stronger than me!

Can't wait to see what you're cooking up! Technology is a bitch - no two ways about it. It's taken me years to get where I am with Photoshop and I only know like a tenth of what I could know.

Good for you! I know that I *must* have a real project to do in order to learn new programs like that - its frustrating in the beginning, but worthwhile using real work that you need to get done. Can't wait to see what it is! Will it be in the next issue?'re discovering the wonder that is Illustrator. :-)

Have you discovered the grid yet?

And, check out the synbols feature. You can create the schematic in pieces and save each piece as a synbol. This way, next time, you just pull out the symbol and modify it as you like.

And don't forget to put each thing on it's own layer!


I like your line "who knew that knitting would involve so much technology?" Add math too. I am not a technology person, but even in just one month of blogging, I've done things I would not have done otherwise; download photos and figure out how to do "buttons" (which along took me what seemed like hours.) Basic things, but I just wouldn't have done them. But, in the end, learning is good. I, too, am excited to see your design.

I'm still struggling with illustrator. To make matters worse, I have the older version so all help online, and tutorials, are damned near worthless to me! And worse than that? The Help book, or whatever you want to call it, doesnt come with the program, it's supposed to be online. Guess what isn't online anymore because it's not the newest version?

*tears hair out*

If it weren't $500 for the new one, I'd run out and get it right now just to save myself the nightmare of it.


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