Cable-y Goodness

Mmmm, cables.  Mmmm, Rowan Wool Cotton.

I love this cabled ribbing!



I LOVE that picture! I am a fool for cables. :)

Look how even those stitches are! Damn, girl...this sweater will be done in NO time! Now I wanna do cables...hmmm...

:) K

It's so beautiful! I love watching the progress of your projects; you put so much thought and love into each of them.

Your photo is once again fabulous! I love the cables...they look so plump...gorgeous! Are you cabling with or without a cable needle, if I may ask?
I find without gives it a different look...yours look done with...?

Lovely! And I've loved Rowan's Wool Cotton since its prior incarnation of Wool AND Cotton. So soft!

Wow. This is cable-y goodness.

Cables are fun (but I have to use a needle to do them).

Look at how perfect those cables are! We'll just call you The Cable Gal. Hehehe.


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