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Okay, I don't mean to keep flogging Windsor Button on my blog, but every time I stop by the store its yarn selection expands and improves.  Why do I find this so amazing?  Well, if you knew the Windsor Button of a few years ago, you would know that the yarn selection used to be rather limited.

During yesterday's visit I noticed even more Rowan, loads of Malabrigo, a large selection of Cascade, and long rack of Steadfast Fibers.  All are new since the last time that I visted (about a month ago) and all are within walking distance of my office.  I can honestly say that I am almost never very far from nice yarn.  It's a good feeling :-).

In spite of all these new designer yarns, Windsor Button continues to stock the workhorse stuff, like Lion Brand and Red Heart.  The store caters to all kinds of knitters, and I like that.

Alas, I didn't go to buy yarn.  I went to buy buttons for Venus.  Here's what I bought:


(Not too shabby for a first go, eh, Kathy?)

The solid green is for the inside button-loop closure; the pretty marbly one is for the outside.  It took me a long time to find just the right button, and in fact I didn't find this one.  The woman behind the button counter spotted it and brought it to my attention.

Wanna see a close-up?


Pretty, no?


OMG, that button is goregous. I have been reorganizing the buttons at Granny's. I love yours. Perfect.

Colleen- that "pearly" button is absolutely perfect! Wow! I love Windsor Button and have some old kid mohair from when you had to ORDER the yarn from them (my godmom was their #1 client) and there was one lady there who recognized me from a pic they used to have at the back register (i was 5 in the pic). I have found the staff knowledgable and very nice! The buttons look great... when do we get a model shot???
:) Kate

Super pretty! It has an interesting texture that works with the summer tweed. Looking forward to seeing it all done!

Oh my goodness, look at that entry, I'm all over it! First, there are arrows and writing. Second, there are small pictures which take a second to load. Yay for computer usability! The buttons are gorgeous, as I told you yesterday :).

Most excellent button choices. Hurry up and sew them on so we can see you model it...no pressure though...but hurry!

hi- also LOVE Windsor Button -right near my office also! They have just done a phenomenal job lately building up the yarn dept. I asked if they would think about carrying Lorna's Laces sock yarn and she said 'OF COURSE'!!!! What?- ask and you shall receive. I could barely tear myself away from the Rowan yarn - ahh, no more trips to Lexington needed.
Your blog is great!

It's perfect! Great button find. You'll be stylin' this summer.

I went to Windsor Button yesterday, too! I needed buttons for a baby cardigan and thought of how much you've praised them on your blog, so I went to check it out. They have a great yarn selection--I think they must have every shade of Lamb's Pride Worsted ever made. :) We should get all the Windsor addicts together for a knitting-out day on the Common sometime.

Beautiful choice - that green is perfect!!!

What a cool button. I'm also a fan of Windor Button -- low key place with great stuff!

Definitely the perfect button!

I love that button too! I bought some similar, but around the edges it looks like they sprinkled stardust or something.
Speaking of pearly things.... did you get that weird pearl like hail up there a few days ago??? Weird!
I keep typing pearl as purl, and having to fix it, har har!

Cool buttons. Looking forward to seeing the finished garment. I may have to make a trip to Windsor Button when I head to the bank this afternoon. Nothing like yarn browsing to break up a stressful day at the office.

Very pretty, I love the green in the center.

You realise that the sun is holding out for you to finish this Venus don't you? Quick get modelling, I need warmth.

Wow - those are lovely buttons! How do you find the prices at Windsor Button? I remember going there and thinking that their prices were pretty bad compared to what I found at other shops. If they've gotten more reasonable though, I should really go check them out again!

I love the buttons. Good job. Can't wait to see it all put together.

Pretty, yes! ;-)

I'm waiting for the "Money Shot." No pressure, though...

Those are fabulous! Do you know what they're made of?

And wait, there's a yarn store that stocks Malabrigo AND Red Heart? That's pretty cool.

Ah, yes...but is it a $12 button?! (is that how much your others were?)

what gorgeous buttons!


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