Blogging Topless

That got your attention, didn't ?

I'm not blogging topless (although if I were you would never know--it's not like there's a live-action shot of me sitting at my laptop) but it might be a good idea.  The weather has gone from late winter to midsummer in a matter of days.  I'm not complaining.  I'll take this over last month's deep freeze any day.

As you know, yesterday was International Knit in Public Day (see the link on my sidebar).  Where were you people?  I saw not a knitter anywhere, except for my knitting companions for the late afternoon.  Ladies, I had a wonderful time!  We need to do that again, real soon.

I didn't take one picture of Paula, Kathy, and me stitching away, but you can use your imagination.  Imagine three women (two of whom were working on socks) chit-chatting, drinking iced tea, and generally having a rip-roarin' time.

Being the non sock knitting of the group, I worked up a few more rows on Madeleine. 

I had a great day.  It almost made me feel like I was on a vacation with these guys:



Hey Colleen-
I was KIP over at Titus Sparrow Park(columbus and west newton)- probably just blocks from you- holding up my end of the South End! I am out there after work alot- stop by sometime!

I was disappointed to not see a single person KIP other than you and Paula! However, your company more than made up for it! That Madeleine, that Rowan, ooo... so nice!!! Great seeing you again!

Glad you had a good time. There weren't any knitters out in my part of the world but I did take my wip out and about with me (that makes it sound like I have only the one wip, doesn't it? ;0)

I had a lot of fun too! We definitely need to do it again. :-)

I miss Boston and it's nice to have two good reasons to ride over on the weekend.

And, I didn't notice any knitting either, not even on the train! Just a lot of sweaty, generally hyped-up people. Must be the heat.

I'll admit it: I missed Worldwide KIP Day. But I *did* knit on the train last week -- Red and Green lines only, though. Knitting on the Orange line intimidates me....Partly it's silly self-consciousness; partly it's the crazy, cramped conditions, especially during the morning rush (witness the people on either side of me who are balancing Dunkin' Donuts larges on their knees, right over where my WIP would be). But one of these days soon I'm going to do it, by gum.

Anyway, thanks for the KIP inspiration!

P.S. I'm *not* the lady in the recent mystery photo.

I KIP'd yesterday. I did! Twice! There's photographic evidence of it on my blog, and everything. But no, other than me, didn't see anyone else . . .

I was out there yesterday. A bit if KIPping in our yard and some more in the park.

I'll admit I didn't KIP was too damnhot! But I did knit inside! Madeline is looking good! Love the guys on th float!


I did knit in public even if it was in my driveway with my kids in the plastic pool! I was trying to keep the kids from splashing me and the yarn!


I had some family visiting for the day, and while they shopped at Goodwill, I knit in public in the parking lot. Definitely the most random place I've ever knit.


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