When I wasn't working on my schematics and chart this week, I was knitting Madeleine.  This was my sanity-break, going-to-toss-the-computer-out-the-window project for this week.  I didn't want to put it down.  The fact that I found the schematic drawing to be a wee bit frustrating lead to some serious time-management dilemmas.

In the end, I was able to do both, and I have the finished Madeleine back to show for it:


Now, it's on to the front!


wow, looks fantastic!

It's a shapely beaut. No wonder you can't put it down.

It looks great! At this rate, I'm sure you'll be wearing it by next weekend. ;)

Fantabulistic! I love the color, and the shape promises to be Very Flattering Indeed.

BEAUTIFUL!! I love those cables (I'm a sucker for a good cabled pattern!)

That is gorgeous! It looks so great...your almost there!

it looks terrific!

looks great! that cable pattern is acting a lot like ribbing (no surprise). i can't wait to see it on you with the cables spread out.

Looks fantastic! One day you're going to have to teach me to shape. Maybe one day soon! Glad to hear the schematic stuff is coming along. Totally a time eater. And frustrating as well.

Looks beautiful!

Cables, I've got to do some more, you've cracked on with this one.

The shape looks very defined, that's great! I bet it's going to fit like a glove, great job!

its beautiful!

Madeleine looks very pretty. I'm in awe of anyone who can do schematics and charts - very impressive.

It just continues to look more and more beautiful, Colleen. Keep up the good work!

Those are the most gorgeous cables ever!

Saturday morning at the store, we got four new colors of Rowan Wool Cotton so we "had" to pull all of the existing balls out and re-shelf them to maximize their beauty. It was a delightful task, and I thought of you while I was doing it. :)

Ooooh. That looks gorgeous. I adore the texture and the way the stitches really show up in that yarn/color.

Great progress! I really like the shaping and the cables. That should be flattering. And I DO like blue.

That looks gorgeous! The colour, the shaping and the and the cables! I cant wait to see more of this project.


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