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I would like to say thank you to everyone who comes by here every day, in spite of the latest Bloglines snafu.  My feeds haven't updated in a timely manner in almost a week.  I try to post something every day, always in the morning, so you can depend on that whether or not Bloglines is working. 

Let's put the computer away for a while and return to knitting Madeleine:


I'm at the armhole shaping.  Once again, I removed stitches from the cable repeat to keep things balanced.  I might fudge it a bit up here, and add in one repeat on each side if it looks too strange without.

Yee haw!

Meanwhile, today is International Knit in Public Day, and after my morning chores and afternoon activity, my needles and I will be out on the town.  If you see me, be sure to say hello.


i can't wait to see how madeleine looks when you're done with those decreases!

btw, i've had a bit of a bloglines problem too. the other day it took several hours to show that i had posted, and then another post that i had scheduled to appear never came up in bloglines. i had to go into the post and re-save it in typepad for it to come up in bloglines.

I have a T pass today, so perhaps we will be seeing each other; bringing my camera, too!

Bloglines is not playing ball with me either!

I did get some knit in public time Saturday. I knit on the T to Somerville in the morning and did some knitting on the way home from JP in the evening.

You would of liked this. I was knitting on the train this morning and someone else was knitting almost exactly opposite me with a very bright orange yarn (possibly acrylic). Very hard to miss.


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